Zankyou No Terror

psychological mystery thriller

2 Boys try to get revenge on the japanese government by creating terrorist attacks that contain puzzles on how to solve and defuse them. Will they succeed with their secret plan?

This is mostly action and mystery with some sort of detective gambling in the middle. Some psychological parts are there too, but there isn't really a part that makes you reflect on anything though. At first you see the story of the main boys and their puzzles, and then the side of the detectives trying to solve it. It's pretty realistic and has a few dark themes spread throughout it. The ending was really well done and finished the story pretty well.

This anime was totally different than what I expected. At first I expected some kind of scary world with a happy tone like Sword Art Online has, but it was way more realistic than that. This was more like a documentation on terrorist attacks that a few teenagers did. Pretty much everything was explained really well, even the detective work of the police. It has a very strange feel to it, because everything is more serious than how some other anime handle it. I watched the every episode in one sitting, and each episode was more thrilling than the previous one. Learning about the backstory of these teenage terrorists, their motives, their - somehow - interesting look at these terrorist attacks. The puzzles are also very well thought out, making me google some of them to try and solve them by myself. They involved a lot of mythology from greek, which fit perfectly into their weird terrorist group name called "Sphinx". Nearly everything is perfect, except maybe the romance part. They sometimes try to get it into the story, but they never really did anything with it.


Pretty interesting concept with a lot of depth to the puzzles. The overall story, from the first scene onwards, is very well connected. It has a weird feeling of "this could be real" to it, which makes it even more exciting to watch. The story gets even better after the main goal of everything is revealed, but i don't want to spoil it for anyone. A hidden gem in the action genre, and definetely worth a watch.