Three Days of Happiness

romance drama thriller

This is the best thing I have ever read till now. I never had a light novel this thrilling but also this emotional at the same time. I can't put it in words how much I fell in love with this. The characters, the story, the special moments; everything was perfect.

The story goes as follows: The main character, Kurunoki - 20 years old and low on money, hears about a shop where you can trade remaining years of your life in exchange for money. Depressed as he is, he sells nearly all of his life, which are the 30 years he had left, and gets a lot of money for it. He now has only 3 months to live. For safety reasons he gets his own Observer, a 20 year old girl named Miyagi. Her job is to look out for him, so that he doesn't do anything stupid with the money and time left. One of his first goals is to finally confess to his childhood friend that he lost contact to 10 years ago. What will he do with only 3 months remaining?

At first this may sound more like an action movie, or a boring romance story, but it is neither of those. This is a story about a guy with barely anything to live for, a childhood friend that forgot him already, an - at first weird - observer that watches his every step, and the daily things he does during his last days on earth. This may sound very depressing at first, but everything changes after the first few pages. It shines up to be a wonderful adventure full of satisfaction, past regrets and romance too.


The characters are all loveable and interesting. I never thought I would get this interested in them. All of the backstories are very well written and make you feel the emotions that the characters felt. Nearly every character has a pretty dark theme, but that doesn't prevent the story from creating some really heartwarming scenes. I was so torn between these good and bad scenes, I never knew what was coming up next. Themes of loneliness play a big role during the first half of the story, which may be the reason why many people relate to the main character and the story itself.

I think what really got me invested was the observer. You only have 3 months to live, and suddenly a pretty girl - the same age as yours - gets send to you and has to observe everything you do. Just the mysterious factor of a girl appearing to follow your every step made me really invested in the backstory of her. She was on vacation for a few pages and another observer came to replace her for that time period, and I instantly wanted her back. She was only gone for a short time, but you could instantly feel the emptiness she leaved behind. She has such a shy and lovely but at the same time brutally honest personality. I love it.

I don't want to spoil too much of the ending, but let me say this: I cried. I don't know why, but I cried a lot. The emotions and thoughts of the characters really got to me. The feeling of death creeping closer, the feeling of not knowing what to do, the feeling of wasting your entire life. It just got so tense towards the ending, but the ending was still really good. Even if the ending does not sound that good on paper, it was still a perfect ending.


I went into this not knowing what to expect, and I came out with a whole bag of mixed emotions. This short story shows, that no matter how deep you sink into the darkness, there will always be something that brings light into your existence. In my opinion a must read for fans of drama.

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