Room 1408

mystery thriller horror

A writer who doesn't believe in supernatural things wants to spend a night in the infamous room that already killed dozens of people: Room 1408. Will he survive, or will he meet the same fate as his predecessors?

Barely any jumpscares, but a huge wave of atmosphere. The main themes are mystery and psychology. You never know what the room does next. Thrilling and exciting until the end, this movie is a great watch for everyone. No Monsters, just good Horror in a well lit room. The fact that this is just a simple hotel room makes everything even more exciting, because you won't know what the room can - or will - do. The pace builds up a little slow, but it only gets better. Near the ending will be a really mind-blowing moment, but the ending is even better than that. Some people will say "what a weird ending", but for me it was perfect. The main actor also played his role extremely well, his emotions felt as real as it gets through a screen. I heared there were multiple endings released, but I think I watched the default one. No matter what ending you may watch, I read that everyone is pretty good.


This movie is amazing. Perfect execution of the locked room horror phenomenon. At first you think "A room that is well lit? How can that be interesting", but the movie does so much more. The buildup, execution and every little detail is so interestingly combined. Everything that you may think of to escape such a room is covered. A must watch for mystery fans.