Open House

horror thriller netflix original

A mother and her son move into a new house that is having "open house" tours every sunday. The neighbors are acting strange and something seems to be in the basement after the first open house visit. Will they survive?

Classic Horror with more atmosphere than cheap jumpscares. It makes you feel really uncomfortable after watching it, because there could be something in your cellar too. This movie is nothing for detectives though, because the story ending is not really "detectable". My main problem with this movie is the ending. Everything would be fine until then, because it has a decent buildup and throws a lot of questions around. The ending however killed the entire movie. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but this movie won't leave you satisfied after it's over.

Everything around the ending is not that bad. The story has a decent buildup, questionable events and a lot of scary "alone at home" moments. Maybe the main characters should've noticed somethings off during the middle of the movie, but which horror movies main characters are smart enough to leave before they get killed? Besides that, there is barely any buildup for the main antagonist. Without spoiling anything, it is not who you think he is. And that's exactly my problem. I love to conclude who the enemy is in such movies and what he is going to do next, but this movie is just a random disaster of events that happen out of nowhere without any context behind it.


A great concept with many scary scenes gets completely annihilated by the ending. No logical thinking could find out the murderer, which makes this movie seem like a big cloud of nothing at the end. It's so sad to see all the great buildup gone to waste after the movie was over. I think the main reason why this movie was not rated that bad is because the boy from "13 reasons why" is the main character. The movie would've probably been even worse without him.
A good watch for anti-logical horror, but bad for people who expect a story behind it. Nothing special, but it's worth to watch atleast once.