supernatural mystery

Drugs get into the blood flow of Lucy after she is forced to smuggle drugs in her stomach while the bag got ripped open. The drug is called "CPH4" and enhances the human brain beyond its capabilities. Will Lucy survive this supernatural drug abuse?

This movie is a kind of "special documentation" with an action setting. The main part of this movie is about explaining what the human mind can do with more than the current capacity of brain accessible to it. At first your reflexes get faster, then you can suddenly learn way quicker, move things with telekinesis, etc.. The underlaying plot is about her finding the people that forced her to smuggle drugs and killing them off.

The first half of the movie feels like a good documentation / action movie. What can a human do with more brain capacity? This is very well explained, and also shown. The main character, a young girl named Lucy, feels all of the different positive and negative effects this drug can have on her body. It's really interesting and exciting.
The second half however feels like a child wrote it. She does unbelievable things just by "using more brain" and it only gets more obscure later on. It's also not that well explained, only briefly at the ending they talk about the why and where of this phenomenon. The most ridiculous part is the ending though. Everything build up to this huge explosive ending, but the ending itself was somehow not as epic as the director thought it would be. Instead we are left with a somewhat weird and lackluster ending, which made me and my friends laugh when we first watched it.


The concept sounds great, but the movie gets more absurd the further you watch it. The first half was very interesting, but the second half seemed really non-sensical. Overall not a bad movie, but a little bit too over-the-top near the end.