detective story slice of life

A boy who doesn't like using energy meets a girl that loves doing detective work. She notices that he is really good at connecting the dots, and after reviving an old school club together they spend their time together solving every puzzle they come across.

Slice of Life with lots of Mystery / Detective stories. No Action, barely any Romance, just pure detective work. Beautiful artstyle, classic soundtrack and constant character development. In one episode he finds out who locked his friend 'chitanda' in and in another episode he finds out how a yet not completed movie script should've ended. One of the highlights was the arc where he tried to find out what the girls uncle told her during her childhood days that brought tears to her eyes. This sounds so stupid, but the anime really did a good job at explaining every step they took to try and solve this mystery. (No Fanservice except episode 11.5)

The environment looks beautiful, the classical music fits every scene perfectly and sets the mood just right. The characters all have their distinctive personality and special traits, but there isn't a single character that annoyed me. The dialogues are very well written and nearly always sound like a real conversation. The chapters of the story are well paced and the single mysteries are all very well finished and rememberable. I think there is nothing this anime does wrong, atleast in my opinion. The ending is maybe a little weird, but that was to be expected from such a story that barely has a beginning or ending.


A perfect detective anime without overdoing any aspect of the story. The characters are all interesting. The mystery puzzles are really well thought out, and the conclusion by the main character is very well explained and pretty much always realistic. The beautiful artstyle, music, character expressions and conversations lift this anime up to be my favorite anime ever, even though I barely watch this detective stuff.