Hataraku Maou-sama!

slice of life supernatural light romance

Lord Satan accidently lands in the human world, losing his powers and looking like a normal human being. The Hero Emilia follows him, wanting to finally end the war between angels and demons but also got stuck. Both now trapped in the human world, they try to get back to their own "fantasy-like" world by taking on regular jobs, but will they ever gather enough magic / money to do so?

Pure slice of life & comedy anime with a little bit of action and romance in between, even though the romance part is only ever so slightly present. The comedy is more about the "im lord Satan" part of the main character while he works at MgRonalds. He thinks he is better than other people and is really eager to climb the ladder at his local fast food chain to be a manager. There is also some fanservice involved with his young but big-breasted co-worker, which looks like a last minute effort to somehow make this story more interesting.

In my opinion, the story is really bad. It sounded very interesting at first, but barely anything happened afterwards. No real romance, even though they always hinted at it. No real character development, only the obvious "maybe satan is good?" part that nearly every kind of anime has nowadays. I really liked the artstyle, but that's it. That was the only reason why I started watching this anime, but it fell flat halfway through. There is also no real ending, which was to be expected by the slice of life tag this anime had. It was still sad to see that, from the beginning to the end, barely anything changed.


Nothing really special sadly, even though the backstory of the war is pretty decent. I think more romance and a little bit more action would've helped the series immensely, but right now it's blending in with the rest of the anime releases. Maybe a second season could save everything, but I don't think that they would invest in a dead series.