Super Mario Odyssey


Colorful worlds

Smooth, satisfying gameplay

A lot to collect

Poor story


Mario Odyssey was good, but not as good as everyone says.
I liked the new movement that mario has, with his cap-jumping and rolling. The worlds are small but at the same time filled with lots of content. The environment is really colorful. The main Objective is to free Peach from Bowsers evil hands, but for that you need a ship to follow and defeat him. That's why you collect power-moons. With them you can repair the old ship you found and with every power-moons your ship gets you will come closer to finally catching Bowser.

Let's start this off with the good stuff: The gameplay itself is amazing.
I really liked how Mario's Movement was enhanced from the last 3D installment we had. The worlds may be small, but the thousands of secrets they have make it very satisfying to explore every single corner there is.
You can collect more than 800 'Moons' in over 10 different Worlds, which all have their own theme. Mario even unlocks different costumes from the worlds he visits, for example the Suit&Tie from the Metro City.
The best thing about all of this is that it's 100% portable. I played over 3 hours once and still had some battery left afterwards. The Framerate is always stable and the portability is one of the things that make this game so great.

But there are many problems with this game aswell.
The Story was barely even there. "Bowser took Peach, now go and get her back". The story felt really out-of-place and forced, and it never changed until the end.
The mini-bosses along the way to Bowser were not bad at first, but they only had one attack. This means that every boss was really easy and even the harder versions of these later were no real fight, but instead more like a chore.
The characters were really uninteresting and forgetable. I can't remember a single specific character from any world, they all seemed like basic static NPCs which the DEV Team forgot to program.
The main problem i have with this game is it's main-objective Power Moons. You get a power moon for literally anything, from sitting on a bench or just randomly seeing and collecting one to boss-fights or challenge-rooms. This destroys the whole game for me, because it stops being satisfying after collecting about 200 of these moons. You just find so goddamn many that it's like a chore for me to collect these. The fact that you get the same amount of moons for everything makes it even worse.
Beat a long and difficult challenge room? You get a moon.
You randomly run around in a new world and find a moon aswell.
These challenge rooms feel so out-of-place. Why should i be happy about a hard earned moon from a difficult challenge if i can just find them randomly laying around in the world too? This destroys the whole satisfying feeling about the main feature of this game: Collecting Moons.


Mario Odyssey is a great game, even though it has a lot of problems. I still like it a lot, because it is a nice collecting/platforming game on the go. The story was forced and uninspiring, but the gameplay and music made up for it. all-in-all, one of the best games i have played on the switch.