Octopath Traveler


Amazing Pixel-graphics

Soundtrack is good

stiff / static combat

boring story

I started as Primrose, and skipped half of the story. I already knew what was coming up after only the first few scenes before I could even move, that's why the story got boring quickly.

The story aside, combat is really boring. Spam everything until you know what they are weak against, and then only spam that.
The first few fights with Primrose really destroyed everything for me. A single lv1 enemy takes multiple rounds to kill. The fight was just attacking him until the shield was broken, and then use a Max Lv. Dark Spell against it.
Many people say the combat is really deep and has a lot to offer, but i think the exact opposite. Combat is boring "spam everything to find the weakness" and then "Spam only that element/weapon type they are weak against".
Not even these special bonus points can help with anything, they are neither "complicated" nor change anything majorly.

My beginning with this game was really bad. Predictable story, bad story-telling and fighting was boring, repetitive and unnecessarily long. Also, the game expects you to grind to a specific level to unlock an important spell for the first boss. Why do i have to grind from Lv1 in my first dungeon ?