Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


300+ Missions

Huge Weapon- and Job-variety

Soundtrack is really catchy

Hit Percentage is disappointing


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a great game for "on-the-go" kind of situations. It has over 300 Missions and there isn't a single point where you can get lost. The only problem that I have with this game is its low hit percentage during attacks and the slow animations that play every time you do something.

The Graphics are great, and the Story is enough to keep you going. You get your own clan and try to make it the best clan ever. You gain more followers - which you can use in battles - and obtain a lot of new equipment. The Stats of your characters are simple enough and menus are satisfying to scroll through. The Soundtrack is - atleast in my opinion - really good and catchy, I even used to hum it without realizing it.

The Good Stuff

The Gameplay itself is great.
Character Equipment, Leveling, using different Spells and characters, everything just fits perfectly. There wasn't a single boring battle in the game. Nearly every Mission has a battle, and from every battle you get tons of money and equipment, which you can use to make your Clan stronger. There are even "Clan-Battles", where you fight against another clan that is nearly the same level as your own clan.
The Soundtrack fits perfectly, and the Graphics are - in my opinion - amazing. This is a near perfect GBA RPG, with lots of Gameplay for its price.

The Bad Stuff

It is sadly not perfect though. The "Hit Percentage", aka. the Percentage that your attack will hit, is always really low, no matter what you do. It's rarely above 80, most times around 30-70. This makes the Gameplay really frustrating sometimes, because you miss a few attacks in a row just because of bad luck. The "Blind" ability from specific enemies can make the fight more luck based than Russian Roulette sometimes.
The Slow Animations don't really help. You can't really skip animations, which means you have to sit through every single move that is being displayed. This, in combination with the low hit percentage, can make a fight longer than 30minutes sometimes. Imagine 2 Archers shooting at each other while blindfolded. Wouldn't be fun, right?


I still think this is one of the greatest GBA-RPG Games out there, even if it has some major flaws that newer games like this don't have anymore. The portability this title provides and the "just one more fight" feeling made me finish it within a few days. I love it.