Final Fantasy Dissidia NT


Graphics are great

Ranking System kind of works

Fighting is not fun

Barely any content


Final Fantasy Dissidia was one of my favorite fighting games back when the PSP was still a big thing. The PS Vita sadly flopped and no Dissidia was ever released for that console.
My hopes where high as I heared of a new Dissidia for PS4, with new graphics and characters from the newer Titles of the series.


Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is a 3 versus 3 fighting game. You and 2 other Final Fantasy Characters fight against 3 other Final Fantasy characters. You can either play online or against bots, but both have their respective ranking system that shows how good you are at the game. The ranking ranges from Bronze all the way up to Diamond and higher.
The fighting is pretty simple: Everyone has HP and BP. If your HP drop to Zero, you die. If you die, you lose a group-health-point. If you or your teammates die 3 times it's over and you lost.
BP are 'Bravery Points'. If they drop to Zero, then you will be "Broken", and you don't have any BP available until they regenerate back to 1000. (Default Bravery is 1000)
You can attack in 2 ways: Either you use a Bravery Attack or a HP Attack. Using Bravery Attacks 'steals' the enemy bravery and adds them to yours. Using a HP Attack substracts your Bravery from the enemy HP.
The main goal is: Use enough Bravery Attacks to steal enough Bravery Points to kill enemies with your HP Attack.

Lackluster Content

You can really feel that this game is an arcade port from Japan. There is barely any content besides the online fighting and rank-climbing. I will make the whole "Bad Stuff" thing here into a list, because there is so much wrong with this game that I just can't write about it without making a list.


Here are 2 Screenshots of Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Duodecim and Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. The First one is from Duodecim:

This picture shows everything that you can customize before a fight. 4 Equipments, 10 Accessories, 6 Bravery Attacks (Here are 12 because Lightning has 2 'Forms'), 6 HP Attacks and a Support / Summon. There are so many playstyles, and so many accessoires. You can either equip accessoires for Melee-Aggressive play or for Range-Passive playstyles.
Now, here is a screenshot of Dissidia NT during the customization-phase before a bot game:

There is barely anything to select. You can't even select a different HP Attack in the beginning because you have to unlock the other ones. The Chat messages are unlockable aswell, even the important ones like "Fall Back" or similar lines.


The Graphics may be fantastic and the characters look crisp as ever, but the Lackluster content, bad balancing, uninspired combat and the fact that it has less overall stuff to do than it's predecessors make Dissidia NT a joke more than anything else.