Overwatch: Win-Event

This is my opinion, not fact.

There is currently an event where you have to win 9 games for a free D.Va skin, and i have to say: It makes Quickplay playable again.

I didn't thought that Quickplay would change much because of that. But it did.
People are actually picking Heroes that help the Team win the round. Instead of 5 DPS I now had a lot of teams with a healer and a tank. And we actually won quite a few games in a row without me having to play the healer all the time.

It's interesting that, just because of an event where you actually have to WIN games, people try harder to win. I had more chill and fun rounds now than before the event started.
I know that not every tries to win in Quickplay, but people should recognize the fact that a healer in a team makes the chances for winning that much higher.