Overwatch: Quickplay

Pst: This is my opinion, not fact.

Quickplay is not what it used to be.

There was no real "meta" when I began playing. Have atleast one healer and maybe one shield tank on your team and you are ready to go.
Nowadays it's meta to have 2DPS, 2Tanks and 2Healers. I know that this changes a lot and quickly throughout the weeks, but this is the main setup most people use.
I don't mind people not playing like that, but having 5 DPS on your team is a little bit too much.

I can barely play anything else than healer if I want to have any chance to win.
Either you pick DPS too and lose with a 6DPS team or you pick Healer and have a chance at winning the game.
I know that this is not always the case, but the chances are way higher with a healer than without. And it's not really fun getting stomped (aka. losing quickly) the whole game.

So either I play healer, have maybe fun and a chance at winning, or I play whatever i want, get killed all the time and have barely any fun and chance at winning.

The other extreme is the "tryhard" (someone is trying really hard to win) part of Quickplay.
Why play your 'Main Hero' with gold weapons in Quickplay and try to destroy everyone? Isn't that why competitive exists?
I hate playing against people who play their Tracer / Widowmaker with Gold Weapons and try to hit everything. I can understand that they are just trying to warm-up for competitive or just want a quick game, but why destroy the fun for the enemy team?
I have 0 fun while im being killed by a Widowmaker / Tracer everytime after i spawn.
Nearly every Quickplay nowadays has atleast one Widowmaker, and they are most of the time on the enemy team. Why not play an other Hero? Why exactly Widowmaker every game?

Not every game is like this, but these games just stick out to me because they are not fun to play.
I know that "not picking a good hero" is not reportable, but it would still be great if Quickplay would be more about fun and strategy and not pure winning all the time.
This Quickplay-Problem is one of the reasons why I don't play Overwatch that much anymore.