Overwatch: One-shot

This is my opinion, not fact.

The short version: I don't like getting one-shot.

Overwatch is a modern version of instagib for me. I mainly played mercy, and I always die in one shot / combo.
I know that not every hero can one-shot, but I always have the feeling that these deaths feel the worst. Forgot about the Widowmaker for a split second? You are dead. Even as a Tank / DPS Hero, I don't like these mechanics. Being killed really quickly is just not fun. I like longer fights where you have to think about Munition and Cooldowns, not about being killed instantly.


I like interesting and complex gameplay, but being one-shot by someone who is just aiming and shooting like Widowmaker is just not fun.
This wasn't a problem earlier. I'm currently around lv450, and during my first ~200 levels I never had any problems with any Heroes.
But now: Every Quickplay-Game has atleast one Sniper (Widowmaker/Hanzo) and a Tracer. And they are playing really good, as if their life depends on it.
Why not play Competitive if you are trying to win that much?