Octopath Traveler: Balance

This is my opinion, not fact.

Why do people praise the combat system?

In my opinion, the combat is bad. Like, really bad.
Find the weakness, spam that attack until the shield is down, and then use all of your 'boosts' to kill the Monster you are fighting. That is nearly every fight I had.

This makes everything a trial and error chore. In other RPGs, you don't have to abuse the weakness of a boss, but here it is mandatory.
And ofcourse every boss of the characters first chapter is weak to that characters first ability. Example: Primrose first boss is weak to the only element her first 2 spells have.

Besides that, every fight takes way too long. The first few fights with Primrose took multiple turns each, which made me waste MP and HP in a 1v1 vs a Level 1 Monster.

I like the way Final Fantasy 5 does it: You get a ton of jobs, which can help immensely during the future bossfights, but you don't have to use them.
The overworld fights are fast but at the same time dangerous, because some Monsters can take you down instantly if they focus on a specific party member.
You can find out a Monsters weakness to specific attacks, but you don't have to.It appeals to casual and hardcore gamers.

The only thing Octopath Traveler has going for me is the modern-pixelated graphics, the characters and the job/leveling/equipment system, which is great in my opinion.