League of Legends: Blitz

Foreword: This is my opinion, not fact.

How did they work months on this mode?

Riot Games released the new Blitz Mode on the Test PBE Server, and 2 weeks later on the live servers. Why though?
The Map looks like straight up garbage. Bushes don't clip correctly and look like pre-season 3. The Events could've been brainstormed in a single day, and the map could've been made better during the weeks the mode was in internal testing.

I like interesting the Idea of a fast-paced gamemode, but I think they started it the wrong way. They should amplify the money you gain and design a simpler version of 5v5 without the twisted properties of the current Blitz-Map.
Bringing back the old Items didn't change much either. I never heared anyone say "Force Of Nature is back!!!! Let's play Blitz because of these old-new Items!!!". They are a neat addition, but why add them though?

They said they worked on this mode for months, but it seems like they quickly threw it together in a matter of days.
Don't even get me started on the current assassin Meta that this mode has. Want to play Jungle with a Champion that is not an assassin? Well, then hope the enemy team doesn't have assassin junglers. If they do, you just lost.
There is atleast one Zoe or Yasuo in every game, and they do really great because of the small map and many fights that are happening.

In my opinion, the first thing they should add needs to be a ban option. I don't want to see the same Champions every game.