League of Legends - Toxicity

I started to play LoL during Season 3. I was fascinated by the sheer depth of content that was provided for free. I had tons of fun playing until around mid Season 4.
Then the Toxicity and blaming came into play.

This me onion, no fact.

It began with a good friend of mine. He was very competitive, and always tried to win. He always got angry when we lost.
During Season 3 everybody was happy and joking in all chat nearly every game. We had fun, and winning was only a side accomplishment.

This is different in the current seasons.

You get blamed for losing the game as soon as you make a single mistake. Everybody moves the blame towards someone else, which makes the whole game not fun anymore. Winning is the top priority for everyone, even in Casual gamemodes.
Want to pick a fun botlane like Blitzcrank and Tresh?
"GG Botlane, thanks for lose" and "bg report botlane" will be spammed immediately after you die once.
The whole reason for losing the game will be then blamed on you, even though you didn't.

Not every game is a blame-fest, but most games are like this.
One lane loses? The whole game is nearly over.
Someone died 2 times during lane? 'Team-Moral' is going down.
This makes the rest of the game very depressing. Some don't say anything anymore, some start blaming others in chat, and others start to verbally abuse everyone for losing. There are only a few specific players every few games that try to stay positive.

Even though most of the hate is going towards specific champions and not players, the situation is still sad.
I don't want to listen to my friends being angry every few minutes just because the enemy jungler came and killed them.
I don't want to hear all the hate towards Zoe every game.
I just want a fun game with friendly people.
Is that too much to ask for?