Fortnite - Anger Management

This is my opinion, not fact.

Fortnite is (atleast for me) nothing more than a fun waste of time.

I don't play to win, and I don't expect myself to win either. I don't even expect myself to get a kill every round, and I think that's why I enjoy the game so much compared to my friends.
I like playing with friends, but they always get angry easily after just one death.

I can understand that people get angry if they don't win, but there are 99 other players that want to win too.
For me, I am already happy if I stay alive to be at the Top40. But my friends get angry when they die, no matter when.

I think people should play the game for fun, and not to win every single round they play.
That is actually what League of Legends strives to be: A game about fun with friends instead of a focus on winning and getting mad when losing.
I personally never get mad while playing Fortnite, neither when I die right at the beginning nor when me and my squad die at 2nd place.