Anime - Repetitive

I started watching Anime around 6 years ago. Back then I watched all these unforgetable classics, the ones that are still relevant today.
Example: Sword Art Online with its "real-life gaming world" and Evangelion with it's great character development and story.
But: The current ones are as mainstream and forgetable as ever.

Opinion, not fact.

I think it began with Tokyo Ghoul. The first season was a huge success, but the ending was really dissappointing for me.
The first season ends with a big fight and an even bigger change for the main character. As soon as it happened the episode stopped and the first season was over.
That was a huge let-down.

Anime may have improved visually, but I think that the characters and story are as bland as ever.
There are always the same characteristics and personalities everywhere. A bland and boring main character, a cute loli girl, a woman with a big-chest for fanservice, a manly/strong "rock" type of guy, and so on.

Mirai Nikki, for example, had a coward main character, a crazy but self-confident "second-main character", an interesting everyday concept and an - in my opinion - amazing story.

No Game No Life, for example, was repetitive. You always knew the main character would somehow win, he would never really get together with his own sister and fanservice was around every corner. Besides that, the main character was - as a person - boring. He had nothing going for him except the "im good at games" stuff in my opinion.